Torpedo Factory Art Center

Torpedo Factory Art Center

Meet Sculptor Matthew Harwood

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Moving Water by Matthew HarwoodBased at the Torpedo Factory, Matthew Harwood is inspired by the production and presentation skills he learned as an architect. His use of pre-AutoCAD design and hand skills is combined in surprising new ways, resulting in innovative multi-dimensional paintings and drawings.

His most recent work, “Moving Water,” is a public art project on view at Oronoco Bay Park from July to December, 2012.  Harwood proposed this work to the Alexandria Commission for the Arts as a way to celebrate the Potomac River. 
This kinetic sculpture consists of more than forty 10-foot high, ½-inch diameter fiberglass rods braced within the structure of a cedar bench.  The fiberglass rods are brightly painted, so when viewed together resemble waves from the Potomac and when blown by the wind will give the impression of the river in motion.  As Harwood describes it, “the sculpture can be seen as a quirky little art piece, appreciated for its artistic and architectural design, or experienced as a shady oasis where people sit and ponder the Potomac River, and are inspired by the movement of water.”

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