Gallery Lafayette

Gallery Lafayette

Featured Artist: Todd Healy

Friday, April 20, 2012


Our featured artist this month – Gallery Lafayette owner Todd Healy – epitomizes what Handcrafted Alexandria is all about.  When Todd first visited Alexandria in the 1970s from his hometown of Virginia Beach, he fell in love with the city and found his artistic muse in its architecture and unique history.  Shortly thereafter, he and his wife made a home in Alexandria, and the love affair blossomed. 

Working originally in pen and ink, and later in watercolor, Todd set about capturing the sense of home and ever-present history in Alexandria. “When I walk along the footpaths of George Washington who first surveyed these original lots of Alexandria, I often think of the artisans who built these homes and public buildings, by hand, using minimal tools, and how almost 300 years later they are still in use.”  His vibrant watercolors and illustrations of the city’s residential and commercial architecture are dedicated to these artisans and their significant contributions to this city. "I want to give people a sense of who built and lived in these houses and what their lives were like.  You could say that I am looking beyond the doors and windows and seeing a home where real people live."

Todd Healy sells his paintings, along with calendars, mugs and cards with prints of his work, at the Gallery Lafayette in Gadsby Arcade across from City Hall.  More information is available at

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Truly amazing! At first look I thought it’s a painting. I also wanna claim the maker of the building as an artist not architect. The creative thought of an artistic mind is nicely reflect on the entire structure of the building. I think I would do as Todd, too. Wish to go Alexandria to enjoy the beauty of bricks! Thanks.
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Liz said on May 19, 2012

Amazing pieces.  Just love Todd Healy’s work.  Anyone who sees his work wants to visit Alexandria.

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Mark said on May 28, 2012

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